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What is the point of Instagram?

So I have two Instagram accounts.

A personal one and one for the blog. But now it seems that they are basically merging into one.

My blog account breaks all of the Insta rules to grow “fast”.

Use #s to help you get seen by the right people!

I am so sick an tired of adding however many #s just to get maybe two people to see my picture that is most likely a royalty-free pic.

There are so many to pick that you seem to need a freaking degree to decipher how it works. You are always working against the program to get somewhere.

You have to have a theme. Or at least have your first 9 pics say something about yourself.

They say something alright. That I’m an unorganized mess. Or I’m conforming to the picture-perfect flat lays with the oh-so-creative marble background that no one thought of using!

Instagram has made me dislike white marble so much now. What was once a part of nature’s elegance is now every background in an Insta feed.

My own short-lived dip into the madness.

Follow Unfollow doesn’t work!

But it does. I don’t have the brainpower or energy to play that (honestly) stupid game nor do I care to.

But the fact that ghosting people works and sponsors see those people with inflated numbers shows that both sides need to really ask why are they doing this.

Those inflated numbers from people who honestly don’t care about your pics don’t make you any better than the next person.

And sponsors need to understand the genuineness of the person behind the account is what matters, not their numbers.

If their feed is perfect, then they are livin’ the life.

No. They are showing you what they want you to see.

They may be dealing with a death in the family, depression, or other serious things. But because their accounts require them to act in a certain way, they keep the mask on 24/7.

That isn’t healthy.

So I’m not going to do that. We are not going to do that.

It will be hard for most of us to be real with ourselves, but that is how you progress in accepting yourself.

It’s not a quick and easy journey. But it is a rewarding one.

Thanks for reading. Be the real you.

( ゚д゚)つ Till the next photo.

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