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What I’m watching now (and why it’s cool to appreciate non-trending shows)

I, for one, can never seem to do anything on time. A true INFP at heart.

I remember listening to Kesha’s song “Praying” and going crazy over how proud of her I was and how great the song sounded. Then my best friend kindly let me know that it’s been at least a year since that song came out.

My face at this discovery. 😐

So I am not the person to look for if you want the latest news on everything. But what I can do is appreciate “older” or less known shows for what they are without all of the hype.

Here are a few of my recommendations.


Girl From Nowhere (Netflix Original)

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You are going to need a Netflix account for some of these recommendations, but this one is worth it!

Long story short, this Thai show is kind of like an anthology of stories revolving around a mysterious girl named Nanno.

She goes to different schools, bringing out the evil that people hide within themselves.

It’s a really interesting take on the anti-hero in my opinion and I don’t hear many people talking about it.

Room (Netflix Movie)

Image result for room movie

Now I found this gem while pondering on whether I should watch a movie for the first time in almost 3 years.

A woman is trapped in a room (furnished with the bare essentials) with her young son. They have obviously been there for a very long time. Some guy delivers the necessities so they can eat and to do “other things”.

While their escape was a really dramatic and satisfying one, what got me was the aftermath.

How do the people who have been held hostage for so long live after that fact? What does this kind of life do to a young child?

It made me think about past events that were similar to this movie. It’s great that they got out, but the real struggle starts when they have to live in society.

It really made me think.

13 Cameras and 14 Cameras (Netflix Movie)

Ugh…..This was the first movie in a long time that made me fear to sleep.

Basically, its a horror thriller (? I don’t know genres, lol.) that plays on the fear of being watched. That’s all I’m gonna say.

I only watched the sequel to see if the villain gets karmafied, so I could go to sleep slightly more comfortably.

Dexter (Showtime Original)

I have always loved anti hero shows as you can see from my previous recommendation.

But this one takes the cake.

I know it’s “old” and no one really talks about it. But it’s always been on my “Need to Watch” list. (And that list isn’t very long to begin with.)

The spoiler-free premise (kinda?) is the main character is a serial killer that kills other killers. Cue blending in as a normal person in society while hiding a secret that huge.

I’m about to finish Season 3 soon. Trying not to riddle my brain with too dopamine from binge watching the show. So be mindful to take break at least in between seasons for a day.

These were the select few things I ended up watching (enjoying?) over my break. Hope they are ones you’ll like.

Any recommendations for me?

Let me know in the comments. See ya in the next post. 😏

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