Weight Loss Update #2: This Series is Now Monthly lol

When a bimonthly series goes monthly, lol.

Let’s head straight into the results.

My Last Post in this Series!

What I will be talking about in this update:

  • My Stats
  • What went wrong/right?
  • Pictures!
  • My new goal

Starting Stats from Last Post

Current Weight: 233.0 lbs (105.7 kgs)

Percent Lost: 3.2%

Current Stats with Measurements!

Current Weight: 227.8 lbs ( kgs)

Percent Lost: 5.4 % \(@^0^@)/

That’s 5.2 lbs lost in 6 weeks! Now my measurements. Kinda scared for this since I wait the day to do them.


Neck15 in
Shoulders19 in
Chest/Bust50 in
Bicep*17 in
Waist (@ navel)46 in
Hips52 in
Thigh*32 in

*Right side of my body


Neck14 in (-1 in)
Chest/Bust49.5 in (-0.5 in)
Bicep*17 in (-0 in)
Waist (@ navel)45.5 in (-0.5 in)
Hips49 in (-3 in)
Thigh*31 in (-1 in)

*Right side of my body

**I removed the shoulder measurements since it’s pretty hard for me to measure by myself.

What went wrong/right?

The Bad…(´。_。`)

  • Did not exercise as much as I should’ve.
  • Had a snack from the vending machine
  • Got super sick from some burgers I made that were not worth it…

The Good (*^▽^*)

  • OMAD streak of 50+ days!
  • 78 day streak of MyFitnessPal!
  • Used the vending machine once, but the snack wasn’t worth the money I paid. So no more of that!
  • Hunger pangs are virtually gone.

Before/After Pictures!

*Like usual, I forgot to bring the exact shirt to school. So I’ll be taking photos with similar “tight” shirts to show my figure as I lose.


It’s blurry. I know…


Goals for the next month!

My goal for the month prior was to exercise at least three times a week.

I started off strong, but the stress from my Organic Chemistry class (which I’m retaking after failing spectacularly and had my exam yesterday) was getting to me. The time I would have exercised was what I used to study. (I felt pretty good in the exam, so yeah!)

But that isn’t an excuse, so I’m going to change my goal to help with my weight loss. But it’ll be the major component of it.

My main goal for this next month to eat 1200 to 1250 calories each day. Now that my hunger pangs are pretty much gone and I’m used to eating less (from 280g to 200g per day), I want to challenge myself to eat less. I know the key to stay this low (relative to me) is the amount of protein I eat. So tilapia, tofu, beef, and chicken are going to help a lot!

Slow and steady. See you in the next post. ( ゚д゚)つ Bye

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