Weight Loss Update #1: 2 Weeks In

I’m back with another #real post!

So let’s not dawdle.

This is a series on my site where I share my personal weight loss journey. Every 2 weeks I will be writing a post to update on how it’s going, what’s working for me, why it’s working, and if I met my goal I set last time.

Here’s the “first” entry in my super nerve-wracking post.

Writing about health issues was definitely out of my comfort zone. But if it helps someone, then so be it.

My Last Post in this Series!

What I will be talking about in this update:

  • My Stats
  • What went wrong/right?
  • Pictures!
  • My new goal

Let’s start with stats.

Starting Stats from Last Post

Current Weight: 240.8 lbs (109.2 kgs)

Height: 5′ 3.5″

Sex: Female

Goal Weight: 200 lbs (90.7 kgs)

Ultimate Goal Weight: ~140 lbs (~63.5 kgs)

Percent Lost: 0%

Current Stats with Measurements!

Current Weight: 233.0 lbs (105.7 kgs)

Percent Lost: 3.2% \(@^0^@)/

That’s 7.8 lbs lost in 5 weeks! Now my “starting” measurements.

Neck14 in (-1 in)
Chest/Bust49.5 in (-0.5 in)
Bicep*17 in (-0 in)
Waist (@ navel)45.5 in (-0.5 in)
Hips49 in (-3 in)
Thigh*31 in (-1 in)

*Taken on my right body parts.

The good news is that I lost some weight! The bad news is that it would have been more if I didn’t mess up a few times.

What went wrong/right?

The Bad…(´。_。`)

During the first two weeks, I realized that doing OMAD (One Meal A Day) at 1500 calories wasn’t too bad. So I could definitely lower my calories to 1200, riiiiiiiiight?


I not only stopped eating OMAD. I also binged for three days straight. I thought that doing a refeed day (eating at maintenance calories) once a week would be beneficial. HA. No.

I only used that as an excuse to devour everything in sight after eating 1200 calories for 2 days. It took me a week to stop binging.

This made me realize my lowest goal will probably be 1400 for the rest of my life and that doing this cold turkey works best for me.

I’m not alone in feeling that way, right? (;′⌒`)

I also ate twice two days before writing this post. The reason?

My friends couldn’t figure out what time we were having dinner. So my dumb self ate my usual OMAD and then went to dinner about 4-5 hours later.

We used the Metro, so I walked some off. But it was not the smartest of choices for me. Had fun though!

The Good (*^▽^*)

I logged during those binge episodes and during that time mixup with my friends!

I exercised for four days a week using Fitness Blender (God Bless ‘Em, lol) and Leslie Sansone (Earbuds in, Music on) vids.

I consistently got an average of 22 hr fast between my meals.

I fasted for 36 hrs to make up for the extra calories. I ate way too much the day before, so I might as well give my body so time to use it.

Though I not going to depend on that because that isn’t healthy for my mental and physical health if it becomes a habit.

Before/After Pictures!

*The Before shirt was in the wash, so I couldn’t wear it in the after. Also sorry the lighting sucks. <(_ _)>


I look so sad/mad. Aw, my resting bitch face…


Better lighting and a different shirt, unfortunately. But blurry as hell! OMG.

Goal Time!

My last goal was to “focus on doing my version of OMAD + IF“.

Well, I did do that for the most part. But I think this will be a second goal for the next two weeks.

My main goal is to plan a grocery list, so I don’t go out of my way to get food.

I will make a simple list for picky (read as gourmet) myself to keep my “pantry at school stocked and to prevent the potential binge when I come home for breaks. Here goes nothing!

( ゚д゚)つ Bye and until next time.

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