Starting Over With My Weight Loss

Now, this is kinda personal so bear with me.

I’m obese.

There I said it!

The last time I weighed was in the middle of the day, bloated from the wonders of nature from Aunt Flo, full of water due to our AC being broken during a heatwave, and with my clothes on.

This was the number I saw.

I weighed 240.8 pounds.

I honestly wasn’t shocked.

I knew I was emotionally eating from stress. I knew that I was taking advantage of the fact I could cook whatever and whenever. I knew that I was addicted to food to the point my taste buds were somewhat desensitized to some flavors like spiciness.

I knew there was something wrong and I had to do something about it.

It’s not like I haven’t lost the weight before.

A picture of a happier me at 195 pounds.
I was 195 in this picture. This was two years ago.

So I decided I’m going to look back at what worked and retry because I can lose this fat.


During my weight loss, I was trying to save money at college in any way possible. The easiest thing for me to do was to cut down my meal plan.

I went from an unlimited meal plan with the ability to got the buffet area as many times as I want to 125 meals for one semester (give or take 3 1/2 months).

Because I can’t math to save my life, I miscalculated and thought that eating once or twice when I worked out would use up all of my meals.

(Spoiler alert: It didn’t. I have like over 20 meals left over…)

But not knowing this, I stuck to my plan to not starve. If I ran out of meals, my roommate said she was happy to help if I wanted some swipes occasionally.

I ate around 2-3pm (the break time in my class schedule) and always ate the same thing (shown below).

This was a combination of OMAD (One Meal a Day) and IF (Intermittent Fasting).

My genius recipe was to use the macronutrients as a way to guide my meal planning while also keeping my cravings down. This all means prioritize carbs, protein, and then fats when choosing foods.

So I picked some bread (multigrain on the left and Kaiser roll on the right), got 1 or 2 beef patties (depending on if I worked out that days since I was lifting weights primarily), put one sizeable tong helping of fries, and covered my plate with spinach. Occasionally, a tomato and some grilled onions would be tossed around.

At this time, I was trying to learn how to get over my pickiness and used spinach as my first obstacle. I could not eat anything else on the plate until the spinach was gone.

And it worked. I love me some spinach every now and then.

That was my main meal for the day. The IF part came in with the fact I unintentionally did a very lax 23:1 split.

This routine helped meal logging in MFP, meal planning (basically none since I ate the same thing every day, and learning how to manage my hunger.

I learned that having a snack to up my calories was okay if I planned for it. I learned that moving my eating window was fine if I planned for it. I learned that not having my day revolve around when I was going to eat was awesome.

This way, I always made sure to eat enough and was still flexible to eat with others while still controlling my cravings for the most part.

Calorie Counting (The Lazy Way)

I was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper extra lax with my calorie counting. I had no control over how my food was cooked and I wasn’t about to bring a scale to the dining hall (I thought about it at one point…)

Suuuper lax, lol. Lots of hard guestimation here.

Hoping I picked relatively the similar amounts of food, I logged with varying degrees of uncertainty. I mean logging something is better than nothing.

I picked 1,500 as my calorie goal after seeing someone on Reddit (r/loseit) say that they rather eat at what their goal weight would eat to avoid the struggle of transitioning to maintenance.

And I felt the same. 1,500 is what the future me at ~140 or less would normally eat to stay that way.

My Current TDEE estimation from SailRabbit

Exercising for the Right Reasons

I found out real quick about how much I like weight lifting. Like soooo much.

The fact I could see my results in everyday life was so awesome. Plus adding to the whole weight loss thing helps too.

This section isn’t going to be long, but it ties into something important.

I wasn’t exercising to watch people at the gym, take selfies, or hang out. I was there for one thing.

To get stronger.

Having the right mindset really helps in continuing and staying on this long journey.

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That’s it. I wrote this post as a way to mark my start in my journey.

This was written a bit before publishing, but don’t worry. I’m going to post regularly on this.

Starting Stats

Current Weight: 240.8 lbs (109.2 kgs)

Height: 5′ 3.5″

Sex: Female

Goal Weight: 200 lbs (90.7 kgs)

Ultimate Goal Weight: ~140 lbs (~63.5 kgs)

Percent Lost: 0% (for now (●’◡’●))

Every update will have one thing I want to improve on for the next two weeks and how I did.

From the time I’m writing this to the next update (August 16th), I will focus on doing my version of OMAD + IF. If it worked and was sustainable for me, there is no harm in trying it again.

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