Making goals in October is a great start to the month.
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5 October Goals for INFPs in College

Seeing as my life as an INFP is one big disorganized mess, I figured that it was time to actually put my foot down and make some goals. But… If you are a highly sensitive type like myself, then you know that there isn’t a great track record for achieving […]

bellandberries 15 fall fitness tips

15 Fall Fitness Tips for Introverts

As Fall starts and temps cool down (not where I live sadly), everyone starts to look forward to the holiday seasons and new year. It’s a time of preparing for school and work commitments. So to make sure that you are keeping up with your healthy habits or starting new ones, […]

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

To be honest, we had never even heard of this award during my short time of blogging so far. We have the pleasure (and surprise) of being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  It’s an award where all of the nominees are peer-nominated for promoting positivity, creativity, and friendship in […]


A Letter About Weight Loss, Addressed To Future Me

Dear me, Congrats on making it this far into life. You’ve gotten stronger (1RM for Deadlift is 115lbs 💪🏾), smarter (loving Chemistry ⚗️), that much closer to a no-makeup look (never wore makeup, to begin with 💄), and much more. When I started my weight loss journey, I never thought […]

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#Social Media Day!

I can bet my currently non-existent personal space (currently typing this in a packed bus) that you were probably on social media! [bctt tweet=”What’s your favorite social media service?” username=”bellandberries”] Facebook. Tells me what my friends are doing even if I don’t care. Instagram. A constant reminder that I lack […]