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bellandberries 15 fall fitness tips

15 Fall Fitness Tips for Introverts

As Fall starts and temps cool down (not where I live sadly), everyone starts to look forward to the holiday seasons and new year. It’s a time of preparing for school and work commitments. So to make sure that you are keeping up with your healthy habits or starting new ones, […]


A Letter About Weight Loss, Addressed To Future Me

Dear me, Congrats on making it this far into life. You’ve gotten stronger (1RM for Deadlift is 115lbs 💪🏾), smarter (loving Chemistry ⚗️), that much closer to a no-makeup look (never wore makeup, to begin with 💄), and much more. When I started my weight loss journey, I never thought […]

How I Got to Onderland | Bell And Berries

How I Finally Got to Onederland

Onederland. A place that most people 200+ pounds wish to get to. I never thought I would be able to get to that point in my adult life, where I was at least slightly more confident in myself. I had pretty much resigned myself to just being an overweight and […]

My Experience With Positive Affirmations | bell And Berries

My Experience With Positive Affirmations

The placebo effect, or the gullible syndrome in my case, can help one become more positive in a very passive way. I never thought that people actually used phrases to pump themselves up. I mean, I understand the whole “changing your mindset” helps, but saying a sentence repeatedly to yourself? […]