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My best friend, Berry, and I, Bell, are here to help you gain confidence by doing all of the hard stuff for you! We are both quite introverted people who want to build up our confidence through health, self-improvement, fashion, and travel!

So Who Are We and Why We Started This Blog

I’m Bell. The extroverted introvert! Lover of food (picky eater), technology (learns by trial and mostly error), cultures (can barely speak English, my first and only language), horror (I’m a scaredy-cat), video games (#thesims3 #rpgs4life), and Asian cultures (I like them all, but I’m a weeb at heart).

I’m Bell!

I started off (still kind of am) as a wallflower. Could see and hear all of the things around me, but was never noticeable. Add that to the teenage hormones, my obesity, family issues, and the fact I was raised to be pretty reserved, it’s no wonder I ended up as an introvert. Learning that I could fake it until I made it created the extroverted side of that I honestly didn’t feel was really me. But it worked for what needed it to. After a few academic events that spiraled into some depression with a sprinkle of anxiety, I rethought my life and decide to change. Thanks to the support of Berry and my awesome (immediate) family, I was able to grow as a person and finally get my life together. And that’s why I want to help others just like me!

Berry’s pretty shy, so no pic for now!

Hey! This is Berry. I’m the real introvert between the two. Although, when necessary that I come out of my shell for a bit, I try to make conversation in the most unawkward way possible. I’m a bilingual berry in Spanish and English. I’m fascinated with learning new languages, love food as well (not picky though), but can’t cook for the life of me (hoping to improve an ounce), interested in fashion, makeup, drawing, travel, reading, listening to music, and watching movies/shows.

As I stated before, I am an introvert. Most of this stems from being self-conscious even though I am surrounded by a very loving family. Of course, I have improved a lot from when I was younger. As a child, I was so shy, I wouldn’t speak a word in school or around strangers and because of this, it’s a wonder to me how I made any friends. Luckily, I was able to become friends with an amazing group of people. Throughout my life, the biggest internal struggle I had with myself was being comfortable in my own body/skin even after knowing that I’m at a normal weight and hearing more than “a thousand times” that I look fine. I decided to work on this issue in order to be both physically and mentally healthy in regards to my weight and body image. As I start this journey with Bell, I hope I can improve certain aspects of myself in the best way, explore my current interests, learn new things, and share these experiences so that it can hopefully help you. I might not post as much as Bell, but I’ll write enough that I’ll be noticeably present. 🙂

We started this blog to show our journey of becoming not only stronger and more independent people in today’s age, but to show its possible to change for the better if you try.

While I want to go into medicine (PA life!) and Berry into the world of Accounting, we both have to learn the skills to overcome daily challenges that may come our way. It also helps that we just want to travel any and everywhere and just have a blast without worrying about how to talk to people anywhere else in the world.

What You Can Expect

You can expect weekly (or biweekly) posts dealing with fashion (my fashion sucks and I’m learning while Berry’s is around the same level, if not better), fitness/health (I’m losing while Berry gains/tones up), travel (travel life noobs!), self-improvement (trying to be a more positive person), and being an introvert in our ever-changing world.

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We are all on a learning journey together. Join us and feel free to let us know your struggles. I know I would’ve loved a guide to life as an introvert. Hopefully, we can help you too!

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