About Me

It’s me!

I’m Bell. Lover of food (picky eater), technology (learns by trial and mostly error), cultures (can barely speak English, my first and only language), horror (I’m a scaredy-cat), video games (#thesims3 #rpgs4life), and Asian cultures (I like them all, but I’m a weeb at heart).

I started off (still kind of am) as a wallflower. Could see and hear all of the things around me, but was never noticeable. Add that to the teenage hormones, my obesity, family issues, and the fact I was raised to be pretty reserved, it’s no wonder I ended up as an introvert.

Life went on and I honestly never really let go from my past.

So here’s to documenting my journey to a better and more healthier me.

You can expect biweekly posts ranging from fitness/health, self-improvement, college life, being an introvert in our ever-changing world, and any random thing that comes to mind.

We are all on a learning journey together.

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