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7 Reasons Why Being An INFP Is Awesome (in College)

Welcome back to my 7 Reasons Series!

In my last post, I was in a sad place. But I have thought more about how to be more positive and this post was the result of this.

So I’m calling all INFPs to give you all a pep talk because college can be a stress magnet.

We are awesome and here are 7 reasons why. 😊

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1. English Class Is Kind Of A Breeze

With our wonderful ability to dream of creative ideas, English kinda becomes a bit easier.

Now if you are a slow typer like myself, College-level English assignments are stupidly long at my school. But it is not hard.

I was able to honestly BS my way to Bs in all of my English classes in my education career. But when it was an assignment I was really invested, the words were flying onto the page faster than I could think it.

Plus some of the novels I was introduced to stayed with me for life and helped shape how I view things.

It also helped me understand how create better fiction, which is always a benefit.

2. We Basically Sweat Positivity

When you ask a friend of your average INFP, most will say that we are balls of sunshine.

When my best friend wants a happy chat, she’ll come to me. I’m totally okay with helping someone realize how amazing they are.

But that doesn’t mean I’m her therapist. Never sacrifice your happiness to help others. You should never become depressed due to helping others because it is not healthy.

That positivity is what heals you. Never let it go.

feeling positive as an infp
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3. It’s Actually Okay Being Alone On Campus

Quiet can sometimes be hard to find on campus. My first try at college had me in the first years’ dorm with all of the extroverts in my hall. Second (and current) try, I got put into an 8 person suite with complete strangers when I first transferred.

So it was hard to get enough time to recharge my social battery when I lived there. But when I would have time after homework, I would take walks to places on campus where people rarely hung out in.

There I could text my friends back home, catch up on YT videos, or even eat in peace.

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4. The Eclectic Is Your Friend

The great thing bout us fellow INFPs is how adaptable we are to others. We are really enthused with meeting different kinds of people.

Meeting new people from various background is one of the many highlights of college and our type is one that excels at friend making with others in similar interests.

Personally, I think most people I meet are interesting, but college is a special case where you can learn how to communicate with others in a more structured way.

I mean my close friends from high school are a decent mix of personalities and backgrounds which always keeps things interesting.

infp have a lot of different friends
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5. Nerding out is that much fun

You know when you meet someone that has literally any interest in something you have an interest too.

That feeling when your mind goes into eloquent word vomit mode due to excitement?

Conversations are just that more fulfilling and fun. No small talk, just the interesting bits!

Even if it’s topics I’m not super knowledgeable in, I still love to learn. And getting to know other is fun, when my social battery is either full or I’m comfortable (for the most part).

6. You are a Genius when class is interesting

In my recent Ecology & Evolution class, I was honestly meh about it. As a Biology major, this was not really my favorite class until we got into application part of it.

With this, I could engage in class with more ease using life experiences and any info that intrigued me in the topic.

Pro tip: It helps boost your appeal to professors when you ask (at appropriate times) intriguing questions.

I can definitely say that the lab portion of the class was pretty awesome. I was definitely in my zone when we identifying local flora for an assignment.

I mean nature + INFP + interesting equals fun for me.

Being a genius infp when interested
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7. Time Management can be fun

I personally keep a Bujo aka Bullet Journal.

To keep it simple, it’s a DIY planner that is built by you and for you. You add special pages called spread which are dedicated to specific ideas.

For example, I have a “What I Noticed” spread for random thoughts I have throughout the day to jot down.

Another one is my weight tracker for when I was actively exercising.

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I doodle my masterful stick figures, drew my semester schedule in lots of colors, and done much more to make it interesting and useful to me.

Post-its are also my alternative means of keeping track of my schedule by making a makeshift calendar on my wall.

I use many ways to keep my schedule up-to-date and harder to forget.

That was 7 reasons why I think it’s awesome to be an INFP. Seeing as my previous post was pretty depressing in my opinion, I thought I should liven things up with this.

So what are some other positives about us INFPs?

Let me know below or on Twitter.

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  1. You sound like you have a fun introverted personality. I am INTJ and college was a breeze except when it came to group projects. I also liked being alone and would take advantage of that time.

    • Aw thanks! I have a great friend in college who’s an INTJ. I remember one of her projects that honestly probably ruined her semester due to her lackluster groupmates.

      But chuck her in a lab by herself and she’s on a role!

      Being able to hear my thoughts and actually be able to process them without worrying about others disturbing me is such a nice feeling.

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