Making goals in October is a great start to the month.
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5 October Goals for INFPs in College

Seeing as my life as an INFP is one big disorganized mess, I figured that it was time to actually put my foot down and make some goals.


If you are a highly sensitive type like myself, then you know that there isn’t a great track record for achieving goals. 

I want to change that cycle and hopefully achieve some goals this October.

Here are 5 goals that fellow INFPs (and others of course) can do with me and how I’m going to break it down into achievable chunks.

1. Get Organized!

The first week of October is “Get Organized Week”. Something that I can’t seem to do to save my life.

I definitely have a system, but its one no one else can understand. At all. I can’t even really explain it myself.

My organization system. - Bell and Berries
My wonderful system that is totally working for me.

But it’s a goal worth having anyway.

Here’s how I will be better organized as the INFP personality type:

  • First, pick something small to focus on every day until it becomes a habit. In this case, that would be making my bed every morning.

Now you are probably thinking,

Wait. Isn’t that too little of a task? Why not say clean your room?

No, strangely enough. It’s just the right amount. But by engraining my soul to the task of making the bed every day, I won’t have to think about it and can move onto another task.

So then I’d up the ante and put my clothes that I used that current day.

Yes. I do throw them anywhere to eventually form a mountain of clothes.


  • Make some type of guide to tell me how my goal is doing.

And no apps! I know how we love to daydream like someone with the attention span of a fly. Use the X method as shown below.

here is a template for building habits using the x effect. - Bell and Berries
You will see sweet progress, soon.

See? Right in my face to tell me how much I have accomplished. Which is not much, but I digress.

I hear it works. So I’m testing it out. I’ll let ya know if I survive the 50 days. 😉

2. Try 3 vegetarian foods for National Vegetarian Month

To avoid the horribly high cost of meal plans at my school, I decided to be independent and cook my own food.

Unfortunately, my housing doesn’t allow for people to cook inside their suites. So I opted to join my school’s Veggie Co-Op as a way to save money and learn about having a more plant-based diet. 

(Gotta lose this weight somehow if I can’t exercise this semester. If you are in a similar situation, try some of my tips here to keep up with your health goals.)

I’ve already tried tofurkey, which is amazing in pasta! And I never thought I would like tofu. Ever!

Once I find what brand it is, I’m definitely swapping meatballs with those forever.

one of my many regrets as a meat eater. - Bell and Berries
This was not the greatest thing for my digestion…

To cross this goal off of my long list, I’m hoping to help with the weekly Sunday dinners they do and learn from people who eat like this on a regular basis.

I’m hoping to learn 3 new recipes that I can make on my own or at home during breaks. It’s a great way to reduce my meat consumption. 

Now only if I could find a way to get a ton of protein that doesn’t involve a shake. 🤔

3. Make one S.M.A.R.T. Health goal

S is for specific. State what you want to do using action words, like “I want to…”

For this, I want to stay under 1300 calories every day of the month.

M is for measurable. Have a way to provide an evaluation of the goal in the shape of data or a number to reach.

By using My Fitness Pal, I can track how many calories I have consumed for the day at a glance.

A is for achievable. Pick something that you know is possible for you to accomplish. 

I know I can achieve this because I have done it before successfully before.

R is for relevant. Choose a goal that is relevant to yourself.

Like I mentioned in my letter to myself, I have to see what I have already done and improve on that. That is the only way I will get better, so this a super relevant goal in my life.

T is for time-bound. Have an established deadline to work towards.

Since this post is in regards to October goals, the 31st is my deadline.

And this is how you make SMART goals!

4. Schedule some relaxation time every week

I’m taking Organic Chemistry this year. The notorious GPA killer for most pre-med students.

And it can get pretty demanding with the speed we are going in the class. So I’m going to need to find a surefire way to not think about school in general because I have a lot on my plate (four classes, TA/LA for a lab, another job on campus, and this blog).

Since INFPs are amazing at overloading themselves with emotions, tasks, or both, I figured some relaxation time was in order to not go bonkers.

I’m planning on finding an activity to do that is relatively portable and is free. An example would be my photography, a walk around my campus for an hour, or cooking.

Insta worthy photo, thanks to my roommate.

I want to make sure I have options so it is easy and seamless to do weekly.

5. Reassess your education plans with someone in your field at your college

My college makes us regularly meet with our advisor to plan and schedule our future classes to make sure we graduate on time. 

Even then, some people are lost in the cracks and end up becoming super seniors due to a mistake or assumption. (Nothing wrong in being a super senior. I’m going to be one too soon due to my education history.)

So make sure to start thinking about what you want to do. It’s okay if you don’t know, but at least have a plan on how you are going to find out.

So there are my 5 goals for October while I’m at college as an INFP.

Hope this helps you and see you in my next post!

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