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10 things to do on campus during the weekend

It’s Saturday as I type this. My second year away at college as a transfer student.

Weekends were wild cards for me since I am quite introverted and not much of a party person. Add that to how small and rural my college is (~1,500 students surrounded by farms) and the fact I don’t have a car yet, Saturdays and Sundays are not really exciting days for me.

Here’s a few things you can do to either pass some time or survive on your college campus.

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1. Do your homework…Seriously.

Weekends are adjacent to the weekdays. Classes occur during those days for the most of us in college.

You can use this time to either catch up on assignments or practice skills for a class like Vector Calculus in my case.

Like how I should be doing the last bit of my Vector Calc HW right now.😅

It may suck at first, but that’s less homework to go through later on. I personally treat my Fridays as if it was a Tuesday and work through some of my assignments or readings.

But that’s mostly because my campus goes all out of Saturdays.

2. Try out some campus events

I know this may not seem cool for some of you, but my school has some decent events.

Last year, we had a rapper open for a band. (Not going to say who since privacy and all that) But it was really fun to go to the concert.

We also have a yearly “fair” where locals showcase their cultures. Food, music, and all kinds of activities happen during that event that make for a good Saturday.

Some clubs also do their own thing like the Improv Club with its wacky-themed shows that happen regularly throughout the semester.

3. Join a club

Stemming from the previous tip, you could always join a casual club.

I embarrassed to admit it, but I’m a ghost member of my college’s Anime club and Video Game club.

* A ghost member is someone who signs up for an organization, for example a club, and rarely (if ever) attends.

The Anime club here doesn’t really click with my tastes in anime, but I get recommendations for what to watch!

And the Video Game club should really be named the Smash Bros. (as in the Nintendo game) club.

I’m more of an RPG, simulation (Age of Empires or the Sims 3), single-player type of gamer.

But find a club, like intramural sports, to participate in regularly. It’s a great way to make friends with similar interest plus you make memories.

4. Hang out with friends

An alternative to partying with friends if you aren’t the type.

Maybe go into town for a nice dinner and chat. Classes can get busy and it gets tougher to keep up with everyone sometimes.

Planning a little event for the group is a great way to spend the weekend.

5. Host/Go to a Party

Piggybacking on the last tip, do as the Romans and party.

This for those of us who are less likely to immediately drain their social battery in a heartbeat.

But even us introverted can have our own get-togethers! It’ll just be a lot less energy, noise, and strangers involved.

6. Explore your campus

Now this may vary depending on your campus’s setup, but try looking around the place.

As a science student, my classes are all in the same two buildings. That’s right two. And I’m stuck with them until I graduate.

That’s why I regularly take walk’s around campus to see other buildings (my school keeps classroom buildings open during the weekends unless its a holiday). #smallcollege!

Because of this, I could experience my roommate’s (Econ major) horrible commute to the other side of campus where majority of her classes were.

I don’t know how she does it that early in the morning. For a 8am.

7. Meal prep

For the health-conscious out there, meal prepping is a great way to avoid ruining your fitness goals.

By planning your meals, you can avoid eating everything in sight.

Plus isn’t nice to know you have a prepared meal waiting for you?

Not having to walk across campus in the winter snow just to eat.

Not trekking through a hurricane to eat.

…Sorry about that. Past experiences just came flooding in my mind.

I also had to walk through a semi-flooding campus….

8. Exercise

It’s a great time waster/investment in yourself. I used to regularly go lift early in the morning before my 8 am classes because it was literally the only thing keeping me awake long enough.

That release of endorphins really helped with my focus and health in general.

Related: Check out my post about fitness tips

9. Practice a hobby

I personally blog and “try” to practice my photography and videography.

Key word is try since I don’t think I’m particularly good at it.

It's me, Bell. - Bell and Berries
Here’s one of my few pictures as an example.

You can use this as way to refine your skills or practice your hobby. I know my skills have gotten better over the last few months.

But always practice in moderation. You are at school to learn. Don’t let your hobbies distract you from your work.

10. Visit home

When all’s said and done, sometimes you don’t want to stay on campus on some weekends. So go home and relax.

Relax where its comfortable and enjoy the company of your family and/or friends for a while.

With these 10 tips, hopefully your weekends are a little bit more lively.

What are some things that you do on a weekend?

Let me know in the comments below. Till next time! 😉

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