Personal Development

What is the point of Instagram?

So I have two Instagram accounts. A personal one and one for the blog. But now it seems that they are basically merging into one. My blog account breaks all of the Insta rules to grow “fast”. Use #s to help you get seen by the right people! I am […]


Weight Loss Update #2: This Series is Now Monthly lol

When a bimonthly series goes monthly, lol. Let’s head straight into the results. What I will be talking about in this update: Starting Stats from Last Post Current Weight: 233.0 lbs (105.7 kgs) Percent Lost: 3.2% Current Stats with Measurements! Current Weight: 227.8 lbs ( kgs) Percent Lost: 5.4 % […]

Personal Development

Blog Update

Hi. It’s me Bell. I haven’t been consistent with my posts for the most part due to laziness and not knowing what I want from this blog. To be honest, I still don’t know. I wanted to make money from it to help my mom, but I can’t even write […]


Why OMAD works (and tips to stick with it)

One Meal A Day.

This lifestyle change is a great way for people to simplify their eating habits while still feeling full and satisfied with their meal.

Here’s why OMAD works and how to stick with it.